This is a list of movies and documentaries that feature a cat or clowder of cats.

A cat is a domestic feline and much loved family pet, believed to have evolved from the near eastern wild cast and share common ancestry with lions, tigers and many species of wild cats.

There are a number of cat films mostly created using animation such as Garfield, Puss In Boots, Artistocats and even Top Cat: The Movie. Many cat films are suitable for ages. The story lines of which tend to be a mixture of life as a pet or an accidental life as a wild cat.

The theory 'cats have nine lives' is said to come from the ability that cats have to be able to land on their feet even in the most complicated situations that many other animals would not be able to survive.

There are a few cat documentaries that look at the real life of cats at home, feral cats and even show cats.